Transmission Problems You Won't Want to Ignore

If the transmission is exhibiting signs of trouble, you do not want to wait around so things can get worse. Here are a few serious signs of car transmission trouble, prepared by the Gilroy Hyundai transmission service experts.

If you are giving the vehicle gas and the car seems to be slipping instead of shifting, there could be trouble inside the transmission. While it might be something as simple as low fluid or a clogged filter, you want to get your ride to the service center as quickly as possible.

If you notice fluid is leaking and leaving stains in your driveway, do not ignore this problem. The gasket around the pan may be compromised, so as the fluid fills the pan when the car is not running, it starts leaking at the weakest point. At the first sign of trouble with your vehicle's transmission, get over to our Gilroy, CA dealership so we can inspect and diagnose the cause for your concern.

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