Top Reasons Why Your Tire Pressure Indicators Are Lit

Being able to identify signs that the tires on your vehicle could potentially fail could help you reduce the risk of a serious issue on the road. The tire pressure light being illuminated could be a result of the following issues.

Take a look at the treads for all the tires; there shouldn't be anything stuck inside the tread. Now look even closer to see if the tread might be coming free from the tire. If so, it could be defective and might need to be replaced with a new tire as soon as possible. The side wall of the car tire is the weakest part, so look to see anything out of the ordinary that could cause the tire pressure to drop.

Cold weather can cause the tire pressure to drop in the morning, as well. Bring your car to Gilroy Hyundai for tire rotations so we can check to see why the pressure lights are illuminated.


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